Italy, the happiness of life


Dear friends.

We are in Italy. We crossed the Adriatic Sea from Igumenitsa to Bari. We boarded late at night and I could see the sunset over the bay, then we slept on the deck and I could see the sunrise over the sea. See daily the whole sun circle is one of the most pleasuring things on a motorcycle trip. I have seen it going East, North, South and West. I have seen incredible sunrises and sunsets over the snow, the desert, the stones the hills and oceans, the hot and the cold, the wind and the quiet. Finding myself in Italy writing about sunrises and sunsets makes me thinking about what I got and what I left riding bikes all over the World.

Two years and ago I was a little bit lost in Earth. I had a good job, a beautiful girlfriend, money in the bank, a chic flat in Madrid with view over the Retiro Park and a Harley Davidson Night Rod. But I was always in a hurry and I was living such kind of live makes unhappy the people who love you. Then I had an accident on the HD and broke an elbow. I felt really bad. I was not used to stop the pace and feel the lack of something or someone you think is gonna be there forever.

But I never give up. I fought against the pain till I was able again to move my weak arm. I sold the HD and bought Little Fat because she has ABS brakes. Then I started to ride her longer and longer. First we went to Italy on April 2008, where we are now again. Now I think it was the Destiny or the God Desire. I had to buy a BMW GS to feel the craving of ride along the way. What I learnt? At this moment of my life I know everything has a reason to be, I know no one is an island, I know I need other´s help and at the same time I feel more selfconfident than ever. I am happy to be riding and happy to be me. I am happy to have ridden the World. I am happy of had such a crisis in life. I am happy to be in Italy, where the food is so great and the circle of my rides closes perfectly.

Keep well.

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