Dear friends.

As you can imagine, I was not going to stay forever in Israel, so I needed a way to leave. Egypt was a possible get away but there are not ferries to Europe, just expensive cruises. Libya was in the way to Tunisia, where is a ferry to Italy, but Libyan Visas are hard to get and you should be accompanied by an scort all the way. I did not want to go back through Jordan and Syria, because I did before the same way and because if the Syrians border policemen noticed I had been to Israel they would never let me go in. I got Jordan and Israel stamps out the passport but you never know what could happen. So I had to leave Israel by sea in a cargo ship from Haifa to Lemasus in Cyprus. But from here there are not ferries to Europe because the Turks do not allow them. So I have to go North, cross the boundary line protected by United Nations and go into the non existing North Turk Republic of Cyprus, ghost country since the Turkish invasion in 1974 and the fight against the Arzobishop Makarius III, who was ruling Cyprus and looking for annex it to Greece. But things are even more complicated, because the Brits, who made them driving on the left, still have two big portions on the Island as they have in Gibraltar.

So, what is next? Go back to Turkey, ride the Mediterranean Shoreline, enter in Greece, ride Island by Island to reached Italy and be at home in one month or so. That journey doesn’t look that bad, does it?

Keep well.

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