The ruins, the bend and the love


Dear friends.

Perhaps think you know what is love. I gonna tell you what it is. Love is like riding a bike on Turkish secondary roads with wrong tyres. Since left Central Asia I thought off road riding was behind and changed rough tyres wearing asphalt ones, but here, in Tuerkey, the map shows you attractive white lines beside the sea, you go there and sometimes the surface is pretty smooth, the wind is fresh and the scenery is the most beautiful one has ever seen. Discovering new 80 worlds in just one day. Like love is, isn´t it? But other times, the asphalt breaks, the stones come from the hill and the way is like climbing without the right grip on your wheels feeling you are going to fell down and breaking some bones. Suddenly the partner you believed known perfectly appears hard to drive and rebelling every time you try to handle. Again like love. Again like life. Riding Little Fat is not always funny and sometime I blame her frame. But like in love, a real couple always fight together to arrive safe at home after the most difficult hardness and the easiest softness. So here we are, in one shore of the nest of Civilization trying to arrive the other one.

Keep well and fighting hard.

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