Turkey, from Tasucu to Antalya

The boat was called “Calypso”, but there was not any Captain Cousteau on board. Only a Turkish crew who lasted two hours more than officially departure time to put all the trucks and lorries into the ferry. They tried to leave no free space at all (space is money) and they repeated the manoeuvres the times needed to pack all the heavy viacles (it means, huge trucks going out and in two ore three times each) even when the desolated passengers were waiting in the sun visibly angry. Finally Little Fat was the last to go into the ship. Good. I was going to be the first to leave. I thought the arrival should not be so late because Kyrenia is just 65 km away from the Turkish Coast. Ok, petrol is expensive in Turkey, so the trip took 8 hours. We leave at 2 pm and arrived Tusucu at night. The customs were a mess with dozens of dirty guys handling their cars documents and trying to go into the bulk of people to get the right window desk. Fortunately we were the first to leave so all the paperwork only took us one hour going from desk to desk.

Tusucu is a small village in the South Coast of Turkey. The village is nice and full of cheap hotels even being on the sea side. Antalya it is about 370 km going west. The first 230 km were so great till Alanya. I thought the best sea road even ridden was Highway 1 in California, but this Turkish way is much better. Wild, pure, beautiful, lonely, with asphalt broken in some parts and very few people going and coming. Delicious. The blue sea shined at the bottom of the cliffs and the pines give me fresh air. Very small beaches were there and narrow unsealed paths take to them going down the hills. It was like riding under drugs effects. Happy one I was there. It remembered me our Mediterranean Seashore, but 30 years before the concrete tsunami. But from Alanya to Antalya, the land becomes flat and the huge turistic resorts are fucking spread all the way. Cars, buses, traffic lights, three busy lanes and noisy people who like to be stuck in hotels and lye on the beach the whole day. Turkey is also the tour operator´s paradise.

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