I got a cargo ship from Haifa to Lemasus. The ship was called Notos and its flag was Greek. Greek officials but Hindi crew. Nice journey, freedom for passangers to move around the boat. We were one English guy, one French girl, one German guy and his Austrian friend, and three couples, one from Poland and the other two from Swiss. I shared cabin with James, the English, who was riding a bicycle and had been to Central Asia as well. Soon he realised a cross was hanging from my wrist. He was also a deep Christian and we got on well. When the boat left at night we were on the deck and could heard the commands and instructions from the Capitan. Nice night. I had bought two bottles of Israeli wine and took out my bottle of Turkish Raki. We drunk together and had a quiet night talking about trips and travellers. Easy life on a calm sea.

At the following morning, the Cyprus people ripped me off with their expensive fees. James and I split and I took Chloe, the French girl for a ride to Lamarca, where she was going to meet her sister coming from France. She is mathematics teacher in the University of Jerusalem. Good ride in the sun. New friends in a new trip. Life is going on as usual.

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tsidky1 dijo...

Holla amigo
Thanks for giving a ride to my girlfriend...

Eran from Jerusalem

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